Tea n Turps

Tea 'n Turps - Taking Tea with Artists
by Lynda Cookson

Each book signed by the author as well as
11 of the 12 artists featured

"Waterfall" by Cheryll Kinsley-Potter


Peek Behind the Artist’s Curtain
into the Imaginative World We Never See
Artist Lynda Cookson reveals the true birth of creativity through her interviews with artists about their lives, their creative process, and their philosophies.

Cookson, herself an artist and author, embarks upon a journey that takes her behind the scenes, where she reveals the evolution of art to the masses. She interviewed over one hundred painters about their work and their histories, and chose a handful of their profiles to represent the stunning development of a piece of art and the growth of the artists who create it.

In Tea ‘n Turps, Cookson shares these artists’ fears, joys, and triumphs through their inspiring stories and spectacular artwork, and, in turn, changes our perspective on art forever.

"Reflections in the Lough" by Kieran Tobin

Top Customer Reviews

Format: Paperback
This lovely book was given to me by a friend. It is very entertaining and amusing. The book is presented beautifully with examples of each artist's work with great colour prints and different styles of paintings. A good quality book and a very good read. A very Cheeky cat on the cover! 
Format: Paperback
A fascinating read filled with beautiful artwork. This is a book to read and to keep, and to page though again and again to admire the artisty.

The book captures the unique lives of these talented artists and gives an insight into their techniques, philosophy and inspirations.

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Back Cover text

Explore the philosophies and marvel at the stunning works of twelve talented artists living and working in Ireland. Artist and author Lynda Cookson conducted over one hundred interviews between 2004-2008, selecting artists whose images and stories create a fascinating mix of styles, personalities and unique history for this collection of visual artist profiles.
Take a behind-the-scenes look at paintings in progress as these artists share their fears, joys and triumphs in a heartfelt and often humorous account of their lives. Filled with inspiring stories and spectacular artwork, this book will forever change the way you experience a work of art.
“Lynda's poetic style lends a mystic air to the artists she writes about. Her writing can only be described as beautiful, and always with a great sense of humour. Her artist profiles are now an integral and treasured part of the magazines.”
Jo Lavelle, Acting Group Editor, THE ‘NOW’ MAGAZINES

"Large Lady" by Eileen Healy


“Tea'n Turps” presents the lives, philosophies and work of twelve selected artists living and working in the West of Ireland. Each profile includes four images of the artist's work.

Interviewing artists is a choppy ride, initially surmounting the challenges of locating their studios from usually dyslexic directions, then sliding my intuition into top gear to find out what makes them tick. I have ten minutes in which to locate the keyhole to the person inside, so that for a couple of hours I can unlock their thoughts and philosophies, encouraging stories of human interest, and describe how creativity becomes a reality. Most importantly, I need to not even slightly crack the eggshell of the vulnerable creative soul I am exposing to the world.

The artists speak from their hearts, swallow down their feelings of vulnerability at being interviewed and published, and laugh with me, sometimes cry, over snippets of their lives.

I have selected twelve artists whose images and stories have lodged themselves in my head the strongest, with a good mix of styles and personalities. I include four images of each artist’s work, together with an introduction to what makes my job as an artist profiler an addictive mixture of fun, stress and exhilaration.

Author Bio

Lynda Cookson was born in South Africa in June 1954. Her writing career began while she was working for a newspaper in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and in 1987 she wrote a children’s Christmas play called “Suzie’s Letter to Santa”, which was produced locally.

Writing took a back seat when she started her own handmade papermaking business called “Paperways”, although she wrote and published “How To Make Handmade Paper” to form part of the papermaking kits her business manufactured. It was only after Lynda and her husband, Alan, immigrated to Connemara on the West Coast of Ireland in 2001, that she felt able to pick up her career as a writer.

In 2005 she began writing monthly artist profiles for the “Now” group of glossy magazines (Galway Now, Limerick Now and Cork Now), interviewing thirty-three artists a year. That same year she wrote “The eArt Directory”, a workbook assisting artists in promoting their work through the Internet, and curated and part-authored the “Art In The West” catalogue. The second edition of “The eArt Directory” has recently been published as an ebook, and many of her articles can be found in Irish magazines.

Lynda is also an artist and her paintings can be found here at www.WildSummers.com

She has three more books in the pipeline, including book two in the Tea ‘n Turps series.

Book Specs
17, 052 words
65 full colour images
90 pages
Size : 8.5" x 11"
ISBN: / SKU: 978-1-60860-848-5 / 1608608484
Publisher : Eloquent Books, New York, USA
Available: Worldwide

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